Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Britney's Nanny is a MAN!

Everyone has been bouncing around the rumors that Britney Spears had a new man in her life. IT IS TRUE! But not like you think. Her new nanny is actually a man, many call him a "Manny." Britney Spears have told reporters several time he's more like Sean Preston/b's body guard, he's just learning about babies.

This is probably why Britney Spears was caught June 4th, changing Sean's dirty diaper inside a store. Most would think, okay, well what's wrong with that. It appears she changed him on the floor, in front of the cash register. She did try having the ladies at the register throw the dirty diaper in the trash, but they refused.

First, for those that want to smear her name, at least she changed his bottom. For as bad as ya'll make her sound, she couldn't just left him in it. However, Britney, darling, next time, find a restroom or change him in your car. I've done this several times, so it can be done. There wasn't mention of her manny being with her or even Kevin, who knows maybe they were guarding the entrance so no photos were taken. Phew!

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