Monday, June 12, 2006

Paris Hilton Backs into a Car!

Thursday, June 9th, Paris Hilton was leaving after a spending spree with a friend. She was very pleasant with all of the media that was surrounding her Range Rover, smiling, waving and saying, "See ya'lls."

Statements all over the net state she was blinded by the cameras and hit a vehicle and drove off.

However, after taking a close look at one of the videos on I wonder. Yes, I saw many cameras but that didn't seem to be what actually got her to hit the parked vehicle. But it was actually when someone yelled something out at the end, it caused her to briefly look away. As for her just driving off, she did stay momentarily. Which could've been when Paris Hilton gave someone her info to give the driver of the vehicle. Yes, Paris Hilton should've placed her card on the window with ALL of her private info for all the press to see. Whom, how many phone calls would she be getting after that stunt.

Did Paris Hilton back into a car? Yes.
Did she not leave her info? She did.

I do believe Paris Hilton was more than willing to pay for any damage done on the other car. (her car actually looked like it got the worse of it) And I still believe she will. She knew the moment she hit the car, at least if you go by the look on her face. She stopped the car immediately after it happened. Many saying it wasn't bad. She passed on her info and left. She's famous, she probably knew she'd be contacted the minute the owner of the car got back.

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