Monday, June 26, 2006

Tom's Suri vs. Brad's Shiloh....

A while back, I announced Tom had a little race going on with Brad on who was better than who. It seems like it was a bit more serious from what I thought. There is a reason we haven't seen pictures of the little one. But it isn't what we were all being told. Remember, Tom stating something along the lines of he didn't want anyone thinking he was exploiting his daughter, after slamming Brad for selling pictures of Shiloh.

It seems now there was reason he got so angry. According to Fox News, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes actually had a small little auction with several magazines, including Time, People, Star and USWeekly, there were also smaller magazines involved in the deal. Reports state that the auction got as high as $3 million, after that Tom and Katie pulled out. Hmm, one can only wonder why. Was it because they thought the pictures would be worth more, especially since Jolie-Pitt pictures sold for $4 million? I knew Tom was competitive but come on.

Let me remind you, this was all before little Shiloh was born. So Tom, why have you not let her out of the house since? It's been over a month.

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