Monday, June 19, 2006

Suri Cruise, where are you? Daddy tells Mommy no pictures!

This dazzling beauty, or so that's all we can figure has yet to come out for a brief peek at the rest of the world. Why? Sources say, Tom Cruise has vetoed any pictures of the young tyke from going online or out in the public.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had a little spat when Tom refused to allow Katie to send out pictures of the wee one. Even Katie's parents aren't allowed pictures of their new grandbaby. Now that's just wrong!!

He is way too paranoid, I am a very protective mother but I know that my kids' grandparents would never harm them. Get over yourself Tom! Let the rumors stop and show the world your "precious" little girl. Or is there really one? One has to wonder if he is only do this because he is trying to run Katie out or if he really is that crazy. Hmmm. I do feel for Katie though, this is a mom that is proud of her child and wants to stop rumors about her having a fake pregnancy. What momma wouldn't?

Tom, who is it you are afraid is going to take your little girl? With all the security that surrounds you, you should feel protected. If not, I'd suggest losing them and hiring someone you do trust. Or are you scared your own religion might take her?

The Tom Cruise is stopping fiancee Katie Holmes from sending out pictures of their daughter, Suri, because he’s paranoid the child could become a target for kidnappers.

Katie’s parents are particularly irritated by Tom’s fears because not even they have a photo of their grandchild.

She wanted to follow Brad and Angelina’s example and sell the first images of Suri to a magazine, then donate the millions it would have generated to charity, but Tom nixed the idea.

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