Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tom Cruise wants downtown Tokyo? Is Tokyo for rent?

Okay, Tom Cruise has been on a HUGE promotional tour since right before Baby Suri was born. While during this tour he has recently stopped in at Tokyo where he got to chat it up with thousands of fans. While there he told everyone that he wanted 9 more children with Katie Holmes and planned on getting married by the end of this year but not on July 4th. Yes, 9 more not a total of 10, not sure if he means adopted or his own either. However, I am sure he'll be asked that very soon.

Tom also admitted that he would like to RENT Tokyo for a night, just downtown Tokyo. Uhhhh, how do they feel about that? He claims it'd be perfect for his next movie. Man, does he think he can buy everything he wants? ugh.

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