Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are Married!!!

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That's right the happy couple got married today and don't they look happy. Come on ya'll know Nicole Kidman deserved to be happy. It came out of the blue when Tom Cruise dumped her after 10 years. Of course I suspect it had something to do with a prenup they may have signed, he didn't want her getting any of his money. Kind of what he's doing with Katie Holmes at the moment. However, Kidman did make sure she had a prenup that allowed an escape just in case, it wasn't her idea though it was her lawyers. Keith gladly accepted it though and signed it right away. What a good guy. :) I do hope they have their happily, ever after and I can't wait to hear they are expecting in the next couple of months. Congratulations to the two of you, may you have many more life of celebrations together.

By the way, after the wedding, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban actually released a photo of them holding hands right after their "I dos." And no, they didn't even make anyone pay top dollar for it.

This is the picturesque church that Nicole Kidman and Keith got married in earlier today, I guess it wasn't a night wedding like many had anticipated. This is one big church and for those wondering, it wasn't a scientology wedding, nope it was a catholic wedding. Nicole had been catholic before marrying Tom Cruise so many years ago but had to quietly push it aside for Tom's sake, it was only recently she turned back to her roots.

In guest news, over 200 celebrity guests arrived at this wedding such as Naomi Watts and Russell Crowe. However, it seems each one of the guests had some type of ties in Australia.

So, there ya have it. This Hollywood couple is finally wed and they beat the two big Hollywood couples to the alter. Yes, I know it wasn't intended but hey why not? Who's next in weddings? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Probably not, even if Tom insists. We already know that Brangelina don't have wedding bells planned, they've already stated that, they like living in sin.

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