Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nicole Kidman is Getting Married...

Next weekend Nicole Kidman, ex-wife to Tom Cruise, will be getting married to Keith Urban. Just this past week, this country singer was voted to be the hottest man out there in the country world. ROAR! Look out world we've got the best looking couple getting hitched next week, if babies are created they will have one good looking child.

Yes, rumors flew and are still flying around last week about Nicole Kidman being pregnant and I'm sure we'll hear many more up until the day she gets married. Kidman will be getting married in her hometown in Australia, and news reports state that here wedding dress will be designed by Balenciaga. They make some of the cutest outfits.

She has been trying to keep her wedding very hush hush and private. I can understand this since she has never liked to be in the public eye, at least not when it comes to her personal life. Talks have it the wedding will take place as the sun is going down. Either way, I'll keep ya updated and Nicole Kidman have a great wedding. You are going to look smashing.

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