Saturday, June 17, 2006

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Trying again??

That's right, it seems everyone wants babies these days, even those that have recently popped. Just this past week we heard how Brangelina was looking to adopt another and many other celebs that were expecting or were to believed to be expecting. New reports from the Enquirer, put in my own words, state that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are trying again and will hopefully be making a big announcement at their July 4th wedding. Hmm, does this mean they will after all get married this summer? Or is this just another rumor or publicity stunt. Only time will tell.

For the sake of Katie Holmes I do hope she doesn't end up pregnant just yet. Dear Katie your body needs to heal and bounce back, give it a year or two before trying for another.

This isn't the only talk of this couple...stay tuned for more gossip rumors flying by.

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