Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Katie Holmes Sex Scene is in!

In the beginning of the year many thought Tom Cruise had actually cut the sex scene Katie Holmes is in. It actually wasn't in the premiere like everyone had thought. When the movie showed without it words flew that Tom Cruise had cut that scene just like he did with the cartoon (South Park) about Scientology. At that time it seemed believable, after all he'd already done it to one show.

This is not the case, several reports state that during a press conference director Reitman actually joked that it had been lost due to a "technical glitch." Many had wondered if Tom Cruise was the glitch that had occured. But it appears it never was cut, for some unknown reason it never did show up in the Sundance Festival but it will be in the movie, "Thank You for Not Smoking."

The scene in question is actually pretty short, it shows Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart on top of one another. It's suppose to be very hilarious the way it is done. Everyone is shocked Katie Holmes would be in a sex scene. Why? She was in the movie, "The Gift," where she was topless.

It'll be interesting to see if Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes attends this showing.

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