Thursday, June 22, 2006

Holmes losing Weight....Is it too much too fast?

We all remember Katie Holmes stating she wanted to get her shape back before going down the aisle. It appears she has actually lost 28 pounds! While this is absolutely wonderful to hear, is it too much? I know all of us women, like to lose weight but she only gave birth 2 months ago. Granted most of it will come right off after birth I hope she isn't doing too much.

credit to Daily Star: “Katie has embarked on a hardcore fitness regime and does 200 sit-ups a day, combined with two hours of cardio work before Pilates”, a source told the Daily Star, quoted by Toronto Fashion -Monitor.

Many of Katie's close friends are worried sick about her, and they aren't the only ones. Her father is definitely not agreeing with her losing this much weight the route she is doing it.

Katie dear, it's natural to lose the weight slowly, not to mention it stays off that way. Too fast can mean getting it back within a few months.

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