Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tom Cruise the #1 Most Powerful Celebrity

This week Forbes Magazine announced that Tom Cruise was #1 Most Powerful Celebrity. One just wonders how someone can get to be the most powerful. Was it because he can wave his money around enough that everyone is afraid and pulls the plug. South Park had to cancel a show because of him. He tried getting Katie Holmes sex scene out of "Thank you for not Smoking." He decided to take away websites people owned in his name, then he bought them for himself. Didn't he have enough money?

One wonders about him being the most powerful celebrity, hopefully it won't go to his head. Course, he does use his celebrity title to shove Scientology down everyone's throats. Tom, if you really wanted people to know about it, announce it once and get everyone intrigued. Buying them just doesn't help. Not to mention using "scientology beliefs" don't let Katie do this or that. Just tell us you have decided this or that, we know you have got to be able to make up your own mind, form your own opinion. Everything I have read, you do only if scientology says too. Tom you use to be the man of every little girl's dreams, what's happening to ya?

In the meantime, while Tom Cruise was being voted #1 for most powerful, Keith Urban was voted #1 best looking for Country singers. Boy is he yummy too. How does Tom Cruise feel with being one uped by the man that is about to marry his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman?

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