Thursday, November 09, 2006

Britney Spears calls it quits with Kevin

It appears that the huge blowout in New York was more damaging then Kevin thought. Britney Spears has served him with walking papers and is sueing for custody of their two children. If rumors are true then Kevin actually found out about the Britney filing for a divorce through text message, right after he'd ordered a large steak, which he never did eat.

So what will Kevin do now that Britney wants to leave him? His singing career seems to be going downhill, instead of uphill. I'm sure it'll be spousal support for him. Oh, how I wish they had signed a prenup.

Over the weekend, Britney appeared on the Letterman show at the same time Kevin was in NY having a concert. Only probem for Kevin is no one showed up, well at least not that many. The concert was going to cancel but he begged them to keep it going and postponed starting it for any stragglers to walk through.

Way to go Britney, it's about time!

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