Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reese files for Divorce

Well, I knew it was only a matter of time after their seperation. But it seems the news hit right after Britney Spears' very publicized divorce. However, this is one divorce I don't see getting too messy.

Reese Witherspoon actually requested that the judge not award her husband, Phillippe to get spousal support. I applaud her here, most of the stars haven't been doing this lately. After all, why should she have to support him? She had this career before they got married. She also requested the use of their home, which I think is understandable since the kids live there. Why uproot them? actually revealed the legal documents on the same day the news of Phillippe and his mystery lady was announced. The documents comment, "irreconcilable differences," I'd say, especially after seeing pictures of her man with another woman. Eeek.

I do hope this couple comes to some terms they both agree on and don't have to fight it out in court with their children.

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