Monday, November 13, 2006

Cruise/Holmes wedding countdown...

With only 5 days away many were wondering why Katie and Tom were taking their time on getting to Rome. But it is official...word has slipped out that this happy couple have landed safely. No signs of Suri's stroller but I'm sure she's there.

Over the weekend, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were still in the states. In fact they were at another Soccer Game. I'm sure we will hear more about this one since one of those paparazzi crew tumbled a toddler, making her bleed. You know how they get at those soccer games, they even have to chase him down while he races to the bathroom for a moment of peace. Well this time, a little child was hurt. Do you think this will make them think the next time they are following him? It's doubtful to me figuring they've been to plenty of games. I'm surprised more kids haven't been hurt.

I'm pretty sure Tom is head over heals to get away from half of them, granted I'm sure they'll have plenty in Rome. But he only has days left until the BIG wedding and then maybe things will slow down a bit.

For those that don't know, Katie and Tom will be tieing the knot on the 18th, inside a 17th century Castle. WOW, that will be one gorgeous wedding. Many celebrities will be attending, including their own family and friends.

UPDATE: I have found a picture of Tom Cruise actually carrying Suri off the plane.

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