Monday, November 13, 2006

Kevin resorts to Blackmail Britney using a Sex Tape...

Over the weekend the internet was swarming with the new news on Kevin and Britney, it seems Kevin is now resorting to blackmail to get what he wants. I guess he figures since he isn't getting much money in the divorce he's going to threaten her to get more money out of her. But he's not just wanting money anymore, ($30 million) he is threatening that she needs to pay him off for the video and custody of their two children. GET REAL! Oh Britney we are rooting for you.

The alleged 4-hour video tape was of the two having sex on during the beginning of their marriage, what some might call the Honeymoon stage. Isn't that suppose to be sacred anyhow? Can he really sell it without her permission? Making a tape together is one thing but unless she agreed on paper that he could use it to make a video of their sex life I believe it is a whole other topic. Right? I'm sure that Britney Spears wouldn't have throught twice about doing it if he asked her to make a tape, especially if she thought their love would last forever. I hope the judge sticks it to him.

Currently Britney is speaking with her lawyers to see if there is a way to stop Kevin from doing this. I think there are actual terms for this though...BLACKMAIL, Extortion(not sure on this), being a JERK.

Britney is worried about what this video would do to her image, not to mention how it would look in a court battle for her kids, and the thought of her children ever coming across it. Kevin seems to be doing anything in his power to stay in control of money and make sure Britney's life is miserable.

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