Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Katie Holmes goes Last Minute Shopping...

Katie Holmes has been seen out and about in Rome doing what she does Heck, what girl in her position wouldn't, she's got the money. With only days left before the wedding, one can only wonder if there are any type of wedding jitters. Wedding jitters doesn't have to be about the person you are marrying but this is her dream wedding...will everything go perfect type of thoughts.

During her spending spree she bought $3000 on lingerie, from a nice $300 thong with swarovski crystals to a nice silk nightgown with matching robe that had ostrich feathers at the trim. They all sound delicate and fancy to me.

This will definitely be a night Tom doesn't forget. Katie knows just what her man likes and is willing to spend every dime to make him satisfied.

(only three days left)

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