Sunday, November 19, 2006

More details on TomKat Wedding....

because we know you just have to know.

The Wedding took place at the Odescalchi Castle in Rome, free of charge to the happy couple. That's right, they got married in this huge castle for free. The mayor looked at it as more of an investment, he knew other stars would come as well as fans and paps. The paps however were charged a fee for taking the best pictures over balconies and such.

Now just because he didn't have to pay for the castle doesn't mean he didn't spend money on the wedding, it ended up costing over $2.5 million. I'm guessing this dealt with flying the 150 guests over to Rome and probably the hotel rooms and such. Katie ended up spending quite a bit of money on lingerie alone, plus a $23,000 watch as a wedding gift to Tom.

Many have asked why they chose Rome to have their wedding instead of the United States and besides being one of the most romantic places on earth this is also where he proposed to Katie. Why wouldn't they want to get married in the place it all began?

Who actually showed up at the wedding, many of them were family but there were a few friends that surprised us. Will & Jada Smith, Victoria Beckham and David, J.Lo and Marc Anthony, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, and believe it or not Brooke Shields and her husband.

To announce the couple had officially tied the knot fireworks went off over the castle. What a sight! For those that are sticklers for the "truth" Tom and Katie had actually got married in LA before heading to Rome to make sure it was official.

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