Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jolie/Pitt's stop Wax Wedding...

Okay, maybe it was because of the huge Tom and Katie wedding that made Madame Tussauds think that she could make her own wax wedding of Brad and Angelina. You might remember a few months back that she created her own wax statues of Brad, Angelina and little Shiloh. Well, she had planned on throwing them a wedding and inviting a few of their wax celeb friends, such as George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Elvis and a few others.

Word got out and Angelina and Brad heard and put a quick stop on it. How could she throw them a wedding when they were never married? Keep in mind that Brad has already stated their will be no marriage until everyone is okay with gay marriages and that won't be happening anytime soon. Maybe she was hoping to inspire them to actually tie the knot, who knows, or she wanted to get some money out of the deal.

For now the wax wedding has been canceled, so for anyone headed over there to watch these two wed it won't be happening.

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