Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pam and Kid to Divorce?

TMZ was the first to let everyone know that it was true Pam and Kid were getting a divorce. It appears that they were racing to see who could make it to the courthouse first, Pam was the winner in this case. However, both chose different dates for their seperation.

Earlier this month Pam and Kid suffered a miscarriage and later stated that adoption was an option. My guess is this stemmed some emotions that were ignored. Two weeks ago the couple attended a screening of, "Borat" where she plays to be the obession of Borat Kid made a few not-so-nice remarks. I believe this was when the couple seperated from each other and could no longer make it work. He hurt her too much with the comment that was made.

Hopefully the trend in divorces with Hollywood couples comes to an end soon and all those unhappy couples find the romance they deserve.

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