Thursday, November 30, 2006

Greg leaves the Wiggles...Sad Day for Children

If you have a child under 8 you've probably heard of "The Wiggles." Songs such as: "Fruit Salad, The Monkey Dance, Hot Potato and Where's Jeff?" Greg, (the yellow wiggle) has been absent from the show over the last three months and a replacement has been taking his place in the mean time and he probably won't be returning.

Greg Page has a condition called, "orthostatic intolerance" which deals with the heart and a few symptoms are fainting and lose of balance. To read more about this condition check out this interview at ABC. This disease just doesn't disappear over night, he'll have it for the rest of his life. From what I've read about it he's suffered from this for the past 12 years, but only recently it started getting too serious. So now he needs to take time for himself to focus on it and figure out how to live with it. Check out the official statement at the Wiggles Website

Before parents worry too much, there has been a replacement for some time for Greg so I doubt they'll be shutting down the show. Just the original Yellow Wiggle will no longer be on it. Sam Moran will be taking the place of Greg Page, he's already been in 150 different shows.

Greg (Jeff) will be deeply missed by children all around the world.

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