Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Anne Henchy Splits Boys

I guess it was announced that Anne Henchy had lost custody of her boys to her ex, Coley Laffoon. This is NOT the case! Anne Henchy, actually got a split deal where her son is to be with each parent 50/50. But Homer (their son) must reside in Los Angeles the entire time, which means when one goes to work on a film the other parent gets him full time.

Anne Henchy tried using all the ammo she had against Coley, even striking out by saying he spent lots of his time watching porn or playing poker. Course I don't think it helped matters that Anne had an affair with her co-star, James Tupper, which made Coley file for a divorce. He too had to use some ammo and struck back with, "poor parenting skills" and "bizarre and delusional behaviour," it doesn't look like the judge bought either of them, and decided to split the kid up.

Starting in August Homer will live full-time with his dad while Anne works in Vancouver filming, Men in Trees.

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