Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tom Cruise Works Out to Keep Katie

Guess Tom Cruise got sick of hearing everyone talk about that little tummy he has going. That or he's getting a little worried that Katie will turn eyes to those handsome hunks she's been working with. Tom knows he's much older than Katie and must work at looking good.

So, what is he doing to keep in shape? He's currently doing a 90-minute workout with pilates. Boy, pilates can be grueling too. He must really love her. Tom has already hired a trainer to help him out in his home and bought the latest exercise equipment. Not sure what it was but I'm curious now. I have an exercise bike, treadmill and a weight bench in my home. I can only imagine what he can afford.

How much does Tom work out? 7 days a week, but according to sources he's been doing pilates for years. Oh and Katie just LOVES Tom's body.

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