Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Debri Opri Wants her Reputation Back

For those that don't remember, Debra Opri WAS the lawyer for Larry Birkhead when he was losing DannieLynn. Now once he fired her, things started looking up for him...accept for the fact that now she's suing him. Go figure right? Well, as it turns out she was also the lawyer for Pamela Bach, who just lost complete custody of her two daughters she shares with David Hasslehoff. Ouch, maybe she should've fired Debri before going to court. But she did decide to go out and get a new one after losing her girls.

Whatever the case is, (could be just a bad luck streak, which no one wants to be a part of) Debra has vowed she will get her reputation back. I just hope it isn't too late. It would be horrible to spend all that time in a law field just to lose it now.

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