Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Did the Hilton's Give Money?

Many believe that the "Hilton Money" actually gave Paris a "get out of jail free card." With recent events one can only wonder, why else would a sherrif allow Paris (who committed the same crime as many average joes) to go home. It sure seemed like special treatment at the time. I mean sure, to a rich girl it must've been unfair because well.... no spa treatments, no one let her hair person in and she had to get home in order to get that spray on tan they are announcing she got now.

So, you tell me....was the sherrif paid off? According to radaronline.com it seems that he was. Paris' father had been contributing to the sherrif's campaign fund for a couple of years now, it would only be fair for him to now release Paris. NOT! Last year Paris' father donated $1000 to the fund. WOW!

Whatever the case, just is being served now as Paris is back behind bars to serve out or crime.

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