Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris Hilton is Free!

Paris Hilton was released this morning, at some point past midnight. My guess is they figured there'd be less traffic on the road, not counting the papparrazzi. She looked like she was in great spirits upon leaving the prison, course I wouldn't doubt it since she got out of that ugly, orange jumpsuit. Hmmm, I'm thinking she'll probably never wear another thing orange again.

On their way out of Lynnwood, they were stopped at a red light, and were swarmed by a storm of flashing lights. No it wasn't the cops, but the cameras, they were everywhere. People it is nothing new to see someone exit a prison. Get over it! No news on whether or not there'll be a party, but earlier this week Momma Hilton said there wouldn't be. I guess now we just wait and see, course Paris stated herself that she no longer wanted to hang out with the "Old friends, that got her in trouble."

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