Thursday, June 21, 2007

Could TMZ really be In Trouble?

TMZ reported yesterday that lawyers from the Goldman's were sending them to court, over posting the finds of "If I did It" on the net. Just last week the trustee of the book was given the okay to sell the book and give all proceeds to the Goldman family. But now that it has been leaked, it may not be worth as much. (I'm guessing this is the reason they are upset)

TMZ posted the link to the leaked version of the book and had a few posts with quotes from it. Should TMZ get in trouble? Another question....the judge is wanting to know WHO gave TMZ the leaked version of it. Should TMZ say? Remember this is a journalist and they are normally told things in the trust of not being found out. But at the same time, we also know it was wrong to leak the book out but all they did was copy the leaked version.

To me, the quote I read from the TMZ site was where OJ confessed to killing her. Hmm, is this grounds for arresting Simpson yet?

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