Wednesday, June 06, 2007

NBC Passions Ends

You might remember me posting about the soap, NBC Passions and how they would be ending this summer. DIRECTV has picked up Passions and will begin airing on September 17th.

To all those out there with DIRECTV no need to fear, but those that don't, looks like it's over for you. I'm one of those that don't have DIRECTV.

Curiuos to know who'll still be on the show? Here's a list:
Eric Martsolf (Ethan)
Ben Masters (Julian)
Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy)
Dylan Fergus (Noah)
Galen Gering (Luis)
Emily Harper (Fancy)
Lindsay Hartley (Theresa)
Liza Huber (Gwen)
James Hyde (Sam)
Juliet Mills (Tabitha
Heidi Mueller (Kay)
Tracey Ross (Eve)
Eva Tamargo (Pilar)
McKenzie Westmore ("Sheridan")
Erin Cardillo (Esme).

Gwen is still on the show? Well, her contract was renewed. Does this mean she could actually be the person behind the masked figure? I've wondered myself several times over the whole Theresa bit but a comment she made to Sheridan yesterday made me really wonder. About how Luis was Fancy's not hers. Hmmm, could she be angry that someone was trying to break a couple up because that's what Theresa always did? Only time will tell.

This week on Passions....Theresa must get Julian to decide if he'll take over the company, but this would mean stealing from his daughter. Will he do it? If he does he must keep quiet about Little Ethan actually being Ethan's son. Hmmm, makes one wonder. Sheridan has knocked out the masked figure and goes to get Ethan and everyone, but he/she escapes before they get back. Jessica confesses to her dad without realizing that he just found all the dead Johns. EEekkk! How will she get out of this one? Whitney was last seen packing up her bags to leave Chad. I missed this, did she catch him cheating? Tabitha must fight the evil witches to get her daughter back, and Kay discovers she actually has powers. How did she not know this whole time? There has been several times we saw she had them. Stay tuned ya'll, it's about to become an exciting summer.

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