Thursday, June 21, 2007

ACCKKK! A Harry Potter Spoiler

There's a hacker amongst us, at least that's what BBC News is telling us. Apparently someone, who calls themself "Gabriel" is posting they hacked into the Bloomsbury publishing system and downloaded a copy of the book.

Do we believe this guy? My guess is he'd just trying to ruin it for anyone and even if it is the case he doesn't give away everything. I'm calling his bluff on this one. Course if he really did do this I'd suggest having him arrested. Especially since he supposibly admits to breaking into the system and stealing content.

I will not say who he insists will die but I will say it would make since if he is correct. In the end, if it is true I hope J.K.Rowlings does the proper thing and teaches him a lesson. We have exactly a month before the book is released, I know I'll be buying it. Will you?

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