Monday, June 04, 2007

Paris Checks Into Prison

Paris is in prison! Late last night Paris surrendered herself to the Lynwood Police department and began her 23 jail sentence. Yes, it was even reduced from what it had originally been.

Paris of course is very afraid, but it sounds a bit more like a retreat without all the luxuries. Last week it had been posted that Paris was going to have a cell mate, now she is going to be in solitary for 23 hours a day. That's right, all by her lonesome, which means there is no way for anyone to harm her now. If anyone were to harm her it would be one of the staff members so you know that isn't happening...not with so much media on them. Paris will stay in her cell 23 hours a day, the one hour she gets out is to use the phone, take a shower and watch t.v. Hmmm, a bit relaxing and now she won't have to worry about the media.

Paris also plans on making money off this deal. Go figure right? While Paris sits in her jail cell she'll be penning away a novel of her time there. I'm afraid to read about her daily ramblings since she isn't going to be interacting with the rest of the society there. What's she going to talk about? Hmmm, I saw a piece of lint fly by, etc. Or maybe she'll just reflect stories of her life, with no interruptions I'm sure she'll have LOTS of time to think.

Either way, she's in jail doing her time for the crime. I do hope this makes all those other celebrities stop and think before doing stuff.

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