Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton: Back Behind Bars

Hmm, was I right or what? The jailhouse has a revolving door, that's right folks, if ya didn't know Paris Hilton was released EARLY from jail yesterday and placed under house arrest for 45 days, due to "Medical conditions." However, the judge yesterday was not happy that she was released, neither was the attorney.

Today, Paris went back to court. The judge decided, the only way to be fair was to ALLOW Paris to go back to jail and serve out her time like the rest of the world would. When Paris was escorted out of the courtroom she was heard screaming, "MOM,MOM,MOM!" At this point she was supposibly brought straight to jail.

TMZ website is reporting that instead Paris was taken to the Twin Towers, which is a medical facility and will be staying there over the weekend. Her lawyer, of course, will be filing another petition stating that she is being held illegally.

There ya have it folks, I guess even the rich and powerful will do their time. That is unless their money gives too much pressure to others.

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