Saturday, June 02, 2007

Army Wives a Summer Show

This summer we've got a new show to watch, it's called, "Army Wives." Ever wonder what it's really like in the Army? This is your chance to find out. I only wish they'd do one on Marine Wives, I tell ya I'd star in it or help ya out if ya need some info.

What is this show about?

It's about the Army, four women and one man brought together because they are all military spouses and must go through the same thing. Yes, it is true, sometimes it is only the woman that works in the military...times have changed.

1 A tribute is Born (June 3)

Roxy is a new army wife and must learn what it takes to be just that. But the moment they move on base they already begin to realize what it means to live in a military community, when even the military gets to tell ya how to cut your grass and their grass is already too high, even if they just moved in. She ends up getting stressed over bills and takes a job in a bar.

There's other characters such as:

Pamela- is a surrogate mother and pregnant with twins but doesn't want to learn the sex. EEkkkk, can ya imagine preparing for one but getting the opposite?

Claudia- who's hubby has just been passed over for promotion.

Roland- the spouse who's wife is in the military. His wife, Joan, has been serving "over there" and believes he won't love her anymore if he ever heard the stories.

Denise- her son is constantly hitting her but knows she won't tell his father because she wouldn't be the perfect wife.

The ending of this first show is with Pamela giving birth, but she can't quite make it to the hospital.

2 After Birth (June 10)
Jeremy is still beating his mom so she takes defense classes. Pamela must become a part-time mom when the actual parents of the twins aren't in the area to get their babies.

3 The Art of Seperation (June 17)
The women must all learn how to be away from their spouses when they leave from deployment. But now Roland and Joan must learn to become a family once again. <--very hard to do at times.

There is nothing on the episodes below, just a title and a date. I'm going to take a guess.
4 One of Our Own (June 24)
Since the hubbies are all deployed my guess is one of their own husbands or someone they know has been killed over there and they must all figure out how to help each other and move on.

5 Independence Day (July 1)
A big celebration for those that just came home, but for the ones still overseas it'll be hard for the families that are left behind to want to celebrate.

6 Who we Are(July 8)
Hmm, not sure on this one. In the Marine Corps this could mean a ceremony or "The Ball" which has a spot during it going back through all the military uniforms worn by Marines from the past.

Sounds like this will be a VERY good show, I'm definitely watching.

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