Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Move over Happy Feet, The Surf's Up

Happy Feet is about to be moved back due to a new Penguin movie hitting the theaters, "Surf's Up!" I'm not sure how well this one will take in theaters, especially since there have already been 3 penguin movies.

Surf's Up: Young Cody is the star of the show, followed up by Big "Z" the laidback old penguin. Cody has grown up never feeling at home in his tiny Antarctica community and has longed for the beaches of California. He finally escapes and is brought to the house of an old penguin that only likes to sit and eat, later he finds out just who this penguin is. Cody even gets to meet his all-time hero, Big Z and gets a crush on a chick penguin named Lani. The story is all about being a good sport and knowing that winning isn't everything, it may make ya feel good for a bit but it is the effort that really counts.

Cody (Shia Lebeouf)
Big "Z" (Jeff Bridges)
Lani (Zooey Deschanel)

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