Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ashley Judd Gets College Degree & Bugs

We all know it can take forever to take college classes, especially if your life is busy as an actress/singer or even a parent. Lets all give a round of applause to Ashley Judd for finally getting her college degree. Woo hoo! Way to go Ashley!

Ashley received a bachelor's degree in French! Oh, that is a beautiful language, I can see why she studied it.

In other Judd News....Ashley will be appearing in the movie, "Bug" which will be appearing in theaters May 25. Don't forget to get your ticket. (I love thriller movies, so you can betcha the hubby will be watching the kids)

BUG is a thriller about an abused woman that runs away from her husband and stays at a run down hotel. She works as a waitress and when she finally gets the courage to begin dating again everything seems great until the bugs arrive. Ewww.

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