Thursday, May 17, 2007

No War for the Prince Harry....

Yes, I know I just posted he was going. (which honestly I didn't think he'd go, but was happy to see that no one was treated differently in the military)

Guess what...I was wrong!! That's right Prince Harry no longer has to go off to war and fight amongst the men he's trained so hard with. Instead he'll be sitting be back in the safety of his country planning his mother's anniversary.

How does the rest of the world feel about this? Well Britain is divided by the decision and I can see why. I mean, sure he's scared of dieing...everyone is. Even those that aren't famous are scared at some point before they go, while they are there and even once they come home. What makes the differnce? Yes, I know he's a prince, but still. Does being a prince mean he matters more than the other thousands of other men and women sent over?

I guess it really is true, if you are rich or famous you will be treated differently. I had so much respect for the fact that he was going, especially because he was a "prince" and doing what his countrymen were doing. It just showed how much he cared for his country.

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