Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paris is a Mess!

::Places hand to mouth:: Oh, my goodness, Paris is a mess! She's worried about her upcoming 45 days in prison. ::seriousness:: Okay Paris, anyone would be a mess. Heck, if you didn't do this you wouldn't be in this position.

People Magazine is reporting that Paris' psychologist, Dr. Charles Sophy," is stating that Paris is a wreck..."distraught and traumatized" and is afraid of incarceration.

First and this is only my opinion, anyone is afraid of going to prison. That's why it is there, it is suppose to make you THINK before you act. If you are afraid of prison you won't do the DUI. Of course, Paris just didn't care. It was more than once she was in trouble for DUI and she lets the world know when she's drinking. So, why shouldn't she go? If it was any other Joe they would. But not Paris. Why? Is she better than the rest of us "average" people?

According to TMZ, Paris' court date for slander against Zetta Graff has been postponed until August 22, due to her mental condition. Read more over at TMZ on this one.

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