Thursday, May 03, 2007

Brad Chats it Up With Jennifer

You've heard the phrase when the cats away the mouse will play? It seems like Brad and Angelina are both trying to be the mouse. According to sources Brad has been upset with the fact that Angie is always talking with her ex. In fact she talks with Billy just about every day. I'm sorry I think this would do something to Brad's ego just a bit. I mean how would she feel if Brad started talking with Jennifer Aniston every day? Oh, I could see the fire from my house, boy is she furious.

Well, it seems that Angelina went down to DC for a little while and Brad has already started chatting it up with Jennifer. He called her up to talk with her about his problems with Angelina. Did he really think Jen would want to help? Isn't this the chick that broke her marraige up? Man, she's a strong woman if she REALLY is trying to help. Course, I think Angelina has gotten wind of Brad calling Jen, just this weekend it was reported that Angelina was giving a lap dance to Olivier Martinez. How does Brad feel now?

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