Monday, May 07, 2007

Ending of Gilmore Girls

If you haven't already heard, the wonderful show, "Gilmore Girls" is coming to an end. The season finale will be May 15th, I can't believe there will only be two more shows. I guess they won't end it the way I had hoped, they'll have to quickly tie up years of loose endings.

Do you watch the show? I've watched this show since it first aired, I just loved the mother-daughter bond that they had. Gilmore Girls began with how a single mother was going to survive raising a teenage daughter, but with the help of her town, Rory became everyone's prized child. I loved watching her adventures and love interests, then from going from one school to another and then off to college she went. It was amazing to watch and so many of us could relate. Granted we may not all be rich but we were all right there.

Fans were deeply upset when Lorelei and Chris got together, but happy when things didn't work out. After all, we all knew she was meant to be with Luke. So, how will the show end? My guess is Rory is proposed to and swept off to California, since Logan will be asking Rory to marry him. Awwwww. But the big question remains, will Lorlei and Luke ride off into the sunset together?

As for the actresses, neither of them are upset the show is ending. I hope they began filming more shows very soon, they will be deeply missed.

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