Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Keith Urban to become Stepford Husband

Okay, not really. But Nicole is monitoring Keith's drinking problem with an anklet monitor. The wonderful news is that he doesn't care, he is wanting this to work out.

Rumor: From PugBus

Rumor has it (according to PugBus)Nicole Kidman had hubby, Keith Urban, stick an alcohol monitoring chip inside his body before going on tour. The chip is suppose to help track those wearing it, which is perfect for those that get a bit really drunk and pass out. As many of you may remember, Keith spent some time after their marriage in rehab trying to kick the habit. Maybe this is Kidman's way of helping her man. The device in question is actually a small microchip, it's about the length of your fingernail. The chip was placed inside his skin in the shoulder blade area.

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