Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Birkhead's Have Landed

Yesterday around 10:30 a.m. Larry Birkhead and daughter, DannieLynn landed in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. He then took his daughter to Louisville, Kentucky to see her grandparents and the rest of the family.

My guess is, now that he has her back in the states he's going to go into a bit of hiding. Well, as much as he can with all the local cameras that'll try visiting. I don't blame him as I'm sure he wants to totally bond with the baby he's claimed was his all along. I'm sure the family was happy to finally get to meet her yesterday afternoon.

Many are speculating why he did a photo shoot with his daughter. I believe he did it for a few reason. One being he was so happy that it was made public that she really was his and he wanted the whole world to see the similiarites they share. Two, he wanted to get the photo over with because this would somewhat keep the media at ease once there were already photos of her out there.

The legalities aren't completely over yet, as he'll have to take Dannielynn back to the Bahamas sometime next month because of Grandma Virgie. UGh, can't that lady just leave him and his child alone. I'm sure if she didn't put them through heck in the past few months she would've easily been able to see her granddaughter without all this fuss. Course then she wouldn't get all of Dannielynn's money. Granted that's just a theory but what do you think?

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