Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hasslehoff Gets Kids Back

Yesterday David (former Baywatch) appeared in court for the custody hearing of his two daughters. Many wondered if this would be like the whole Alec Baldwin thing, but it appears it wasn't. The judge has decided that David Hasslehoff will not be barred from his kids any longer. Of course there was one small catch, he had to be tested three times a week for alcohol. He agreed.

Did you think he wouldn't? Come on this is his girls, he loves them. This is definitely one way to break the habit. He almost lost his girls, I'm sure he'll try his best to beat it. We all know this is a hard thing to break.

But the nightmare of that video will come back to haunt him June 1st, which will be another hearing. I hope that it is a strong talk about what not to do in front of the presence of your children and nothing else.

Good luck David!

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