Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Is Angelina Jolie ill?

photo credit: WireImage

Tabloids and bloggers everywhere are claiming Angelina Jolie is sick with a deadly disease. Now, I'm not sure what disease she might have but from looking at recent pictures of the beauty you can see just how thin she's become.

In many pictures you can see the bones in her wrists and arms sticking out and her cheeks seem to be sinking in a bit more. This is definitely a girl that needs to eat, Brad put some food into her body. I also wonder if she isn't getting enough sleep, this is a woman that travels all over the world and back again and she has four children. Where in the world is she getting the sleep she needs. Oh and not to mention she's still doing movies. You can see the tired eyes in the picture above.

Whatever the problem is, I sure hope it isn't something deadly.

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