Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's the Slammer for Paris Hilton

Remember, Paris Hilton getting probation for that DUI, well then she got in trouble again during probation. What do you think happened when she went to court? She got 45 days in jail. When the verdict was announced it seemed that Paris got so mad that she fired her publicist, insisting that he told her that it would be okay to drive. It didn't last long though because he has since been re-hired. Guess he's use to that though right?

Paris is now screaming and shouting that it is cruel and unusual punishment. She just doesn't think fair. But if you were to look at anyone else that did this that weren't celebrities, they'd go directly to jail. Right? I think this is actually a great thing, obviously she's been partying a bit too hard and maybe this will give her some time to think. Plus, it'll keep her away from the booze for 45 days, who knows maybe it'll help the problem. A few people come to mind when I think of people going to jail for DUI's and getting help to stop drinking: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and many other.

The only thing unusual would be because she's a celebrity and I don't think it would be fair to give special treatment to her. Do you? Yes, I know there are no designer clothes behind jail cells and no make-up either. But you can get a book, do some reading and I also here there is television. Or you can always sleep. These celebrities seem to be going as fast as they can, this is the time to take some down time and find their center.

Paris begins her jail sentence June 5th and no community service. I guess they figure this way she doesn't get publicity out of it. Of course if she doesn't appear for jail she'll end up with 90 days and she thought 45 was bad.

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