Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Britney's Back

Britney Spears appeared at "The House of Blues" last night and will be appearing two more times this week in different locations. Will fans pay to see her comeback performance? Tickets cost between $35 to $125 to get in to watch her sing.

Is this the beginning of her tour? Probably not just yet, I think she's just out testing the waters to prepare her for when she's really ready. In the meantime she'll just pop in and do some songs until she feels more comfortable to sing again.

After only 15 minutes of singing, Britney left the stage and thanked her fans, that was it. Many fans were upset because they believe the pop singer actually lip-synched her own songs and when leaving a taped recording of one of Madonna's songs came on. One can understand why a fan would be upset after this type of performance.

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