Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dustin Diamond Pisses off Entire Crew

Dustin Diamond, who once played Screech off of Saved by the Bell, pissed off an entire crew on Sunday when he attempted to threaten Sgt. Harvey. Apparently he's been doing a part on the new Reality tv show "Celebrity Fit Club" in which he's been acting like a jerk to many of the players. Boy, this is definitely not the Screech I grew to love when I was younger. But the moment Screech errrr, Dustin was told her was three pounds it all went haywire after that.

First he challenged the guy that told him how much he weighted, then he turned and challenged the one guy that's been trying to help him lose weight...Sgt. Harvey. I can't believe he'd challenge him. Doesn't he realize he'd more than likely lose? This is a trained marine, trained to fight. The Sgt was going nuts, you can tell he wanted to fight, finally they got Dustin out of the room and all was better. Man, if Dustin actually sticks around this could be a very entertaining show.

Clip from YouTube

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